Questions fréquentes

How does one recognize a work of quality?

To appreciate a work, whatever it is, we must become familiar with art in general. Visit various exhibitions in galleries, museums ... to "educate your eye." Numerous publications (magazines, essays, theories on art, art history ...) will help you hone your skills. Your taste is refined, you become more sensitive to some form of expression for your personal sensitivity. Feel free to interact with professionals who will advise you on Art and the art market.
Finally, always follow a basic rule: do not acquire a work of true professionals as with the art market.

Is art a good investment?

Art is now one of the preferred destinations for investors, given the cyclical crises. It offers many advantages in France tax, especially for professionals wishing to acquire works by living artists.
In addition, works of art are not subject to tax on Solidarity Fortune (ISF), the amount of purchase is not taxable.
Whether an investment or a passion, the art market remains a very interesting area in which there is no need to hire large sums to ensure a good gain.