Born in 1965 in Germany.Lives and works in Düsseldorf.
By the 90s, Jörg Döring begins to be recognized with his oversized band hero paintings drawn such as Donald and Mickey Mouse. Since 2000, the artist is particularly interested in the technique of silkscreen printing on canvas without however abandoning painting.

His œ works are executed on canvas and consist of an overlay alternated several silk-screen prints applied by hand and embellished with paint. They offer a variety of colors constantly reinvented. the artist offers variations on both familiar themes and porters dream, his art is the image of our modern society.

He plays with images, colors, words and combines to deliver a reflection of our culture.

At the crossroads of traditional painting, serigraphic techniques, illustration and graffiti art, the artist proposes a œ works on different themes: the city, New York especially and its architectural Gigantism, celebrities (Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Miles Davis), cartoon characters or symbols of our consumer society.

Heir of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, his style is truly unique. When the world reveals the signs of fatigue, Pop Art and his heirs are there for him against optimism energy and the strength of their message.

Moreover, humour is never far away and love, art, the success and money are all supports to the imagination and the irony of Jörg Döring.
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: Switzerland, England, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Netherlands.
INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR: Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden.

LINEART, Gent, Belgium. Holland Art Fair, Netherlands. Artevent, Lille, France. St'Art, Strasbourg, France. .

Work (s) of the artist
J Disco
Vintage boys
love what you do